General civil litigation

When you need legal representation, Steven L. Grady has the litigation and trial experience to help.

Although it is often in both parties' best interest to resolve disputes prior to the filing of a lawsuit, that is not always possible.  There are many times when lawsuits are simply unavoidable because one party is not willing to be reasonable or is unable to fulfill their obligations. 

Steven L. Grady is an experienced trial attorney who is able to advise you concerning your case, tell you your options, and if necessary, fight for your interests at trial.  

Steven L. Grady represents clients in all areas of general civil litigation, including prosecuting and defending the following types of cases:

  1. Cases for specific performance of a contract;
  2. Cases for breach of contract;
  3. Cases for collections of judgments or of amounts due on open accounts;
  4. Cases of eminent domain or an unconstitutional taking;
  5. Cases involving products liability issues or breach of a seller's warranties;
  6. Cases challenging or enforcing the terms of a Last Will and Testament or Trust.
  7. Cases involving Landlord/Tenant disputes;
  8. Cases involving Premises Liability issues;
  9. Cases involving fraud, deceit or undue influence. 
  10. Any other civil litigation; 

If you need an experienced attorney to prosecute or defend your interests in any court in Arkansas, Louisiana or Mississippi, please call The Law Office of Steven L. Grady to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.