Divorce and Marital Property

Getting divorced can be one of the most stressful and uncertain times of any person's life.  The circumstances of every divorce are different, and every client's goals are not the same.  You will need experieced legal representation to guide you through the legal process of getting divorced and advising you on the process of separating the marital property that you and your spouse acquired during the marriage. When spouses are reasonable, it is often best for both parties to settle the case to resolve it quickly and inexpensively.  If your spouse is not reasonable, then a trial may be necessary to resolve issues of marital property. When trial is necessary, you need an experienced trial attorney to advocate for your interests both inside and outside of the courtroom.  Steven L. Grady is a local attorney with trial experience and experience resolving complicated marital property issues.  

Child Custody and Child Support

The most important concern in any parent's life is the well being of their children.  When going through a divorce, there is no greater issue than the issue of child custody and visitation.  The Courts of Arkansas primarily decide child custody and visitation issues based on the best interest of the child.  

Get the Representation You Deserve

When going through a divorce, the most important choice you can make is the attorney who will fight for your interests. Steven L. Grady is an experienced attorney who will take the time to listen to your questions and who can explain the steps that are necessary to reach your goals.  Call The Law Office of Steven L. Grady today for a free consultation.